Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacation Part 3

You realize of course, if I have a mind too I can drag this vacation theme out till we hit at least part 75. So I woke up Sunday morning to the sound of waves breaking right outside my bedroom. That is the sound I miss most when I am here. I wish I could live closer to the ocean so I could here it more often. Sunday was a tough day of deciding things like do I swim in the pool or the ocean? Do I walk up the beach to the left or to the right? Which book do I begin reading next? Life decisions like this should not be made lightly. So I pretty much did both, had a little time in the ocean, then hung by the pool for a while, read a book, and got a little sunburn, after that I was more careful about putting suntan lotion on right when I got up then again around lunch time. The picture below is a full frontal view of my hotel room, I will grant you that this view is not the greatest but if you turn around it rocks. I was standing in the waves when I took this shot.

The picture below is of the pool, although I think that goes without saying. There were only 2 things that I did not like about this hotel. The first was that on the side of the pool I am standing, just a few hundred yards from that is the main airport landing strip so there were times when I had to cover my ears however it was generally for just a short time. You could hear it some in the rooms but it was loudest at the pool. The other thing that was annoying is they have a small ant problem in the kitchen so I was always killing them. I suppose if those are the only 2 complaints they can be overlooked.

Being that this was my 5th time on the island I was not really that interested in going to town to shop. The Island is split into 2 parts, the French side and the Dutch side. There is a capital on both sides, the French capital used to be the "nicer" side however Anne and Hans had told me that it was not in such good shape anymore and quite frankly I really had no desire to go. I mean why would I want to leave the beach to go to a small town to see how run down it had gotten?

I did go into Phillisburg on Wed, that is the Dutch capital. Finding parking over there is a HUGE pain in the ass. I must have circled for 20-30 min cause everything is one way and I was trying to find a public parking area they had shown on the map, I think they lied cause I could not find it anywhere.

So I parked hell and gone from where I wanted to be and started the long walk to Front Street. That is the place were most of the shops and resturants for the tourists are. They have also built in boardwalk that faces the ocean so that is nice to walk. Sorry I have no pictures of that, I just forgot to bring my camera that day. So after almost getting attacked by a stray dog (that is a problem on the island however it is not as bad as it used to be and I am scared to ask how they fixed it). I walked along front street but I really only wanted to go in a few stores that I have been to before. I only got a few magnets and some things like that for a couple of people. How many Sarongs, shot glasses, nick nacks, and t-shirts does a person need anyway? They have alot of Jewelry stores, but now that I met Hans why would I want anything from anywhere else? There are alot of cosmetic and perfume stores, since I am ugly, nothing more can be done so that rules out the cosmetics and I am allergic to all the perfumes so what is the point in that?

Ok, I am leaving you hanging cause I have some other stuff to do tonight. I will pick up were I left off tomorrow after I get home from my hair cut, I have an exciting life let me tell you!!!

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