Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Flowers and Quilts

Fall and Winter is here and the worst of it is it gets dark now at like 4:30pm......darn it.

I sent 1 if my quilts to a friend as a gift and she sent me these beautiful flowers. David made them and left them at my parents house for when I came last fabulous are they!!!!

I had to take them to work cause my little Dexter just would not leave them alone. So I get to enjoy them all day at work and I love it!!!
I made this baby/kid quilt....the picture is sideways which I just notice and to lazy to fix!! HA

I don't think I ever posted this pic of the first throw sized quilt I made for me, it is flannel and my kittes love it!

Sure looks like he as a big butt in this shot. Just like his mommy.

Jody bought him angels wings....he did not enjoy them but he had to dress up for his first halloween.
Still pretending to like each other!

Welcome to November!