Monday, June 30, 2008

Cirque Du Soliel

Good evening. I thought you might enjoy a picture of my bitchy kitten after a long day of doing nothing. Actually this was taken about 8:30am in the morning and she had been sleeping with me till about 7am so really it is an hour and a half of doing not much to get this tired.

So yesterday (Sunday) I went to my 19th Cirque Du Soliel show. It is the newest touring show called Kooza. There is always some symbolistic meaning behind all the shows. It is not like I can ever figure out what the hell it is. This was something about a kid flying a kite and still being a king. Oh hell, I have no idea. But it was totally cool and I loved it. Like all 18 before. Here is a picture of the tent that it was in. This was set up in the parking lot of the United Center in Chicago.
That is the one thing I did not like. I go to Chicago just enough so that when I am reading directions I am all cocky that I know were I am going but when I am driving I start to doubt myself and second guess which road to take and that is when I get messed up. It does not help that there is a Hwy 90, Hwy 94, Hwy 294, and Hwy 290. Who the hell names these roads anyway, pick a different freaken number already!! I pulled off only once and had to look at a map to be sure I was going the right way. I had to go almost all the way to downtown to get here so traffic is always bad. Here is a photo of the bumper to bumper as I made my way out. It does not really show how many cars there were but I was driving so you have to excuse the bad photo.

Back to Kooza, the show was amazing and the music great. They do some scary stuff and 1 guy almost fell from really high. I was so scared for him and he happily caught himself at the last second. That is the closest I have seen at any of the shows someone get seriously hurt. For whatever reason during the last half of the show I started to get a pounding headache. I am not sure if it was from looking up so much cause I was in the front row and they do alot of stuff high above the stage or if it was because of all the flashing lights. Either way the drive home was awful. And of course it was RAINING!!! AGAIN!!! I swear I am going to start building an ark cause it is the end of the world.
I had my 2nd most frightening highway experience on my way home. The 1st was several years ago when my car spun out after I braked to avoid an accident when some asshole pulled out in front of me. I was going 70 mph and spun through the median ending up sideways in uncoming traffic about 2 seconds from being crushed by a semi when I had the presents of mind to backup just in time. I can still see that truck drivers face, he knew there was nothing he could have done and me being in a ford focus I would have been killed, no question. Anyway back to this one.
On the way out of Chicago there is a ton of construction. As the saying goes there are 2 seasons for car travel in the north, Snow and Construction. The lanes split so that there was an express lane (meaning you can't get off at the exits) then 2 lanes of "normal" traffic. So I am in the express and there are concrete barriers on 1 side and construction barrels on the other. Well, there is a semi (do you see a theme, always a semi) on the other side of the barriers and it has rained so it splashes up this huge amount of water onto my windshild. So that was sort of scary but I could see again in a second so not to bad. Then he hits a bigger one and water comes at me over and over...I can't see anything in front or sides for between 5-8 seconds at least. And when you are going 70 MPH on the highway with concrete on one side, construction equipment on the other and a car not far behind that is freakin scary. I was so worried I was not keeping the wheel straight enough or that the road would curve. I am happy to report that when I could see again I slammed on the gas and raced past the Semi before it happened again. It was really frightening, I had visions of them peeling me off the barriers.
After that nothing much happened till I got home, with my splitting headache getting worse by the second. I made it into bed about 8pm and flipped on the tv, next thing I knew it was 9pm so I just called it a day and went to bed. I could not lay down it hurt too much so I slept leaning against 2 pillows. I woke a few times, still with the headache but am happy to report that when I woke up at 5:15am the headache was almost all gone. Thank goodness cause I am not sure I could have made it through work otherwise. I have not slept that long in I could not tell you when. So that was my exciting Sunday...good show, scared as hell, and sick as a dog.

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Andrea said...

I love Cirque also! My son worked for Disney at La Nouba. Just checking in after our weekend at Patsy's.