Sunday, June 15, 2008

Finally an update-Vacation Part 1

Ok, so my blog did not hit the ground running but I am going to try and get it up and running finally. Not sure how many folks will view it but what the heck.
So I just returned on May 4th from my vacation to St Maarten. Here are some pictures from my trip. Once I know that those uploaded I will add more pictures. I am new at this after all.

So I left on vacation on May 23rd. I worked from home for a bit in the morning then I said goodbye to my kitty cat and headed for Chicago. I timed it really well so that I did not hit too much traffic even with the construction.

I went over to Woodfield mall and ate at one of my favorite places, PF Changs...yummy. Then I did a little shopping before I headed over to the hotel. It is a pretty nice place with great underground parking for my car while I am gone.

My parents stay at the same place so they were parked there too. They left for Aruba the week before I left. Dad took this photo of the hotel that they stayed at.
Saturday morning I was up bright and early to leave the hotel. I was thrilled to make it to the airport and find there was no delay. I will regret gloating about that later in my trip but at the time I was a happy camper. I had a layover in Charlotte NC....funny thing about that airport, they have a ton of rocking chairs in the terminals. I guess they trying to make you think you are at home.

Made it to St Maarten right on time and took a taxi over to the new hotel. I switched from the place I normally stay at. There were a few reasons, first I really wanted a pool. Sometimes the ocean on that side is to rough to get in so it was nice to sit in the pool on those days and just read my book. Actually I went in the pool most of the time cause then I could just lean against the side and read. The other 2 main reasons for the change is I wanted better air conditioning at night. This new place had really nice air and I need that to sleep. Also the beds are not so comfortable at the other place.

One other perk was they had a TV (with a dvd player) at this hotel and since I do not have cable anymore I did watch a some in the evenings.

Here is the link to the hotel website, when I return I will stay here again they were so nice.

Part 2 of vacation will be coming soon to a blog near you....


lindyloo50 said...

Your vacation sounds wonderful so far.....write more! I loved your pics, too and the pic of your dad's hotel. Your new hotel looks JUST RIGHT and wonderful view of the ocean while you are in the pool! I envy you! sighhhhhhhhh.........

lindyloo50 said...

I just finished reading the rest of your vacation blog.....don't forget to let me know when you have added to your blog. I really enjoy reading your writing. You are very talented, you know....but of course you don't know due to your self-esteem issues!!! ha!
Also....I also love more than anything else....hearing the waves breaking on the shore outside my window.....are you sure you are not my daughter????
love ya!