Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ok, so what I feared would happen did and I got lazy/did not have much to say so it has been a while since I updated the blog. I have just been hanging out and enjoying the beautiful weather. This last weekend I had off Monday and Tuesday so it was a little hard to get up this morning. Monday my parents and I drove up to Baraboo/Wisconsin Dells and visited the graves of my Grandparents. We just cleaned up the plants around the stone then my mom and I went wondering around looking for relatives. We found a few from the late 1800's so now I just have to figure out how they fit into the family tree.

I was at my parents house for a while on Saturday and their friends grandkids were in town so we went for a visit. This is the first time I met the baby. How cute are these kids.....yes I am biased (this would be one of those times that I am not sure I spelled that right but don't care enough to check it)

Here would be were my dad stole the babies good does he look. Actually we all tried it on but I figured I would torture him by putting his pic up.

So in the other blog I talked about Lake Delton, the lake that emptied because of the flood. When we were up there this Monday we found the road that washed out and caused the lake to empty. This first photo shows the damn they are trying to build that should prevent this from happening again.

This photo is a little harder to see but if you look straight you can see the road in the background. I am standing on the other side on that same road. This is the hole that was created when the road and dirt gave way. You can't tell here but it is about 2 stories down. It was crazy to see.

Ok well, I love my kitty and she makes me laugh so here is a picture of my headless kitten. Why she found this comfortable I will never know.

My folks have a butterfly bush outside their window and I got this pick of a very pretty butterfly...The pic does not really do it justice but it was the best I could get before it flew away.

Here is a pick of a Cow Skull that my dad has in his garden....growing out of it is the only cactus in the world that can survive in Wisconsin. It will bloom soon and hopefully I will be home to get some pictures of it when it flowers. It is so cool.

Can't say there is much else to report, been a pretty uneventful summer although it is still going way to fast. I sure am not looking forward to winter this year. Fingers crossed we will not get near the snow. I will try and update again soon...hopefully I will not be gone a month again...HA

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