Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lake Delton

On my way to the quilting retreat I stopped by the lake in Wisconsin that drained during the floods and I thought you would all enjoy some photos of it. Nice pier......

This is the boat landing...there is some water running through but they said it would take at least a year to get it filled back up to the same level.

Here is my upside down kitty....I just thought this was funny

Check out my plant stand see that black thing under it........go to the next picture

I don't know why but she sure thought this was a good sleeping place.....nutty kitty.

I had a really nice time at the quilting retreat....so many things to learn just from watching what they do.....I just can't quilt fast enough!!!

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Anonymous said...

The pics of Lake Delton were very interesting....such a travesty for the tourist trade in that area. And, your kitty is soooo cute....makes me miss mine!
aunt Linda